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Posted by: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA
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Everyone is doing content marketing. Some do it better than others. Maybe you do it too and if not, then I suggest that you better get started or your competitor will grab pre-market share.

When it comes to content, I love this saying from the venerable website, “the seller is now the publisher and the publisher must become the seller”.

Please don’t ignore this, your role is to ethically educate and advise your prospects, clients or customers in the ways of your world.

Essentially, its core role is the creation of useful pieces of information for your market. It is loved by search engines and social media campaigns. But most importantly it is loved by your customers.

People search for something online – and that’s the secret

People search for something online; they do not search for nothing. Thus, the right content is magnet for driving quality visitors, who, in turn, convert into quality prospects and customers.

Content lies at the heart of your success. You are now the publisher, but you must offer the right content at the right stage of your customer’s purchase journey.

Content is designed to do the following:

  1. Drive awareness of your service, product ourse, programme or brand.
  2. Energise your prospects/customers to interact with your website or brand.
  3. Pull in prospect/customer participation with your website or brand.
  4. Create income by motivating prospects/customers to book with you.

A Powerful Shortcut to Getting Started with Content Marketing

  • Do a content audit and rrepurpose your existing content into new formats. For example:
  • Press releases can be converted into PowerPoint presentations and infographics.
  • A PowerPoint presentation can be converted into vine video with or royalty free music and posted on your website, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Outdated blog posts can be rewritten and updated with new titles and references.
  • Articles can be transformed into 60-second podcasts.
  • Articles can be converted into visual videos using PowerPoint.
  • Existing videos can be transcribed into reports, podcasts and articles.
  • Free consultations can be recorded and transcribed into a redacted reports
  • Third-party content can be repurposed, although seek permission from the owner, always cite and link back to source.

Why not go ahead and audit your content now? See what can be repurposed! If you don’t have any content, create new ones.

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Author: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA