Lead Generation Systems

Get new prospects, more conversations and greater sales

To our knowledge no other marketing consultancy for SMEs in the UK specialise in setting up capability building lead generation systems to increase the flow of new targeted prospects into your business.

Unlike other agencies, we build you a platform where you own the intellectual property.

How it works

The main goal of your lead generation strategy is to build a list of quality prospects. We will ascertain which PPC channel (Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn) will provide the best customers for your business.

Our philosophy is to ‘sell the click’ with compelling advert or email copy. This stirs your prospect to complete a specialised lead capture page. Typically 5% to 30% of lead capture page visitors convert into prospects. From here the prospect would be passed unto your sales manager where you will initiate your sales process.

Optimise your current lead generation systems

We will optimise your current lead generation systems (assuming you already have one).

  • Plan communication schedule
  • Define target audience or keywords in line with your marketing plan
  • Set bid prices and daily budget for PPC (or cost per contact for email system, we source contacts)
  • Write adverts or email copy that inspire the click 
  • Design compelling specialised lead capture pages to convert visitors into prospects
  • Pass leads to your sales manager
  • Share performance report.

Throughout this campaign you will be building a prospect database that you can repeatedly re-engage for lead generation, social media and brand campaigns. We can help you with this.

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