Attention start-ups and young businesses. Cut your learning curve and drive more awareness, interest, enquiries and sales.

Start-up is a DIY guided marketing solution for businesses who are three years old or less with revenues up to £250,000 per year. With Guided Marketing, you’ll know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

For the best result, you must have a genuinely good product or service that delivers tangible value to your customer/client.

Start-up will then help you to attack the market more effectively by understanding how you can effectively attract more customers.

Understand that winning new customers is the most difficult task you can do in business.

The aim is to build your sales & marketing foundation so that you can grow.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Explore ways for existing customers to buy more – it is the profitable area of your business
  2. Lead generation, to help you generate more new business
  3. Increase awareness for your brand

Start-up includes core and optional services:

  • Market and competitor needs analysis research for one key market
  • Unique Selling Point (USP) development
  • USP implementation into marketing collateral: website, banner adverts, existing PPC, email marketing
  • New business generation systems (demand generation)

 Existing customer revenue system – understanding your back end for more profitable future revenues.

  • 1 hour coaching time by email, WhatsApp, or telephone throughout the month.

Our coaches will review your marketing activities, summarise your progress, and assign marketing priorities to your tailored marketing plan.

A chance to pick your coach’s brain

Your marketing coach will help keep you on track and help you to commit to your tailored action plan.

They will know what works for your business. It’s your chance to pick their brains.

Ask questions, get personalised advice, and develop capability within your organisation.

To make it happen Growtal will co-create a marketing strategy with you.

We will guide you in developing the promotional channels you operate in and new ones to drive more interest in your business, this could include:

  • Better performing website
  • Stronger pay-per-click Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing
  • Messaging review across brochures, adverts, sales script, direct mail, digital and offline
  • Social media profiles

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