Quick fixes for generating lots of email marketing sales leads

Posted by: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA
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  • Use your most recognisable brand name in the ‘FROM’ field and personalise the subject line.
  • Keep your message relevant and personal.
  • Best performing list is your customer/client lists followed by your opt-in list and then cold B2B opt-in mailing list (provided by reputed data providers).
  • All emails should have a landing page.
  • Ensure your email takes no longer than 30 seconds to read from beginning to end.
  • Your email must not look and feel like a web page (this is impersonal).
  • Use only one call to action / offer. More options cause confusion.
  • Only use one-to-one personal writing style. Talk to one person, not to many.
  • Remain hype-free.
  • The headline must be relevant and compelling
  • Give just enough information to energise the prospect to click.
  • Landing page form must show offer outlined in email.
  • Do not sell in the email. Do not put a price in your email. It is very difficult to justify price and value in a 30-second email. Sell via your website, lead capture pages, brochures or sales teams.

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Author: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA