How to get them out of their inbox and into your sales funnel

Posted by: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA
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Email marketing is a core strategy for most B2B enterprises.

In my experience it is by far the most effective method for generating marketing qualified leads.

However the biggest most arduous challenge you will face when using email marketing is ethically pulling your prospect out their inbox and into your sales funnel.

Here’s the thing, whilst you sit behind your computer creating the most compelling marketing message for your product or service your email masterpiece is up against it.

Your Clients are Bombarded By Life

Your email has to cut through your prospects life. It’s a massive challenge. Think about the cartoon below. Not only must you overcome their personal problems, you have to contend with fighting through hundreds of emails they receive each day.

The fact is that you must stand out because your prospects finger is hovering over the ‘Delete’ button.

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Author: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA