Prime your B2B business for near-instant marketing success with time tested classics

Posted by: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA
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Can you really prime your business for rapid almost instantaneous performance improvement with time tested customer attraction strategies? The answer is yes, through smarter marketing.

There are some marketing channels like pay per click where you can experience a 20% improvement  in as little as 15 minutes.

Email marketing is another channel where you can witness almost instantaneous results. Same goes for your web pages. Simplifying them for mobile devices and desktops will see your results soar.

The trick is knowing what to do that appeals to your most likely customers.

Here are some examples of the success we had in boosting marketing performance of businesses in less than 20 days:

  • Increased website lead generation for an IT training company by 266% by ensuring unique selling points matched prospect needs
  • Boost web page response from 1.5% to 33% (2100% increase) by setting up special lead capture pages
  • Slashed lead acquisition costs without sales conversions by 66% through better targeting and campaign setup. Again, this did not cost a penny extra in expenditure.
  • Engineered on average £10 worth of bookings for £1 spent on Google Adwords and £6.80 worth of bookings for £1 spent on Yahoo (1000% and 680% return on investment by introducing a new lead capture system, which will be a common theme throughout this book).

It didn’t take much to engineer performance improvements like these. It all it took was a little bit of reading on latest marketing techniques and bags of initiative to get things done.

You can do the same in next to no time!

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Author: Conrad Wilson DipM, MSc, MBA